About kirsty meakin

Kirsty Meakin is the most renowned nail artist in the world!!

Kirsty has over 100 nail accolades, including Nail Artist of the Year 2012 and UK Nail Professional of the Year 2010.

Kirsty has been honing her nail skills for over 20 years after uncovering her creative powers at a Youth Training Scheme. The advancement of nail products has allowed Kirsty to explore her ability and passion for nail art and she is vastly recognised for her freehand and 3D nail art skills.

Kirsty's innovative creations have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert museum art gallery in London. Kirsty was commissioned to do a nail art piece for the "power of making" exhibition at the V&A.  Kirsty is passionate about educating nail technicians . She provides an intensive 5 day training boot camp for qualified technicians to push their skills further to be the best they can be. Kirsty’s most recent achievement is gaining over 1 MILLION subscribers on the Naio Nails Youtube channel.